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What is my kid doing at school

What is my kid doing at school? Is he/she safe outside home? Is he/she keeping a good company at school? Concerned parents always have such haunted thoughts whenever they’re away from their children. Such parental fears are fairly common if your kids are in their teen years.Teenage is the most dangerous and immature period when teens carry out the most stupid and weird things, and putting their life at stake unconsciously.
Once my 13 year kid and his friend planned to drink kerosene oil present in a small bottle in my garage [Thank God, it was a small bottle!] and told me after Sports Trampolines Factory half an hour!Imagine how I have managed to take them to the hospital and how hospital authorities scolded me for being an irresponsible and insensitive parent.This could possibly be the most haunting thought parents have during their office timings thinking about their teens ditching schools. And I think it is a genuine fear of parents as more than 160,000 students skip schools without notifying their parents as they’re constantly bullied by other students. In addition, preteen kids are teens are especially vulnerable and therefore need effective monitoring on regular basis. Movies can be a devil’s message for kids!Boarding school fear is also one the most discussed fear among parents as well as in kids.
Tweens and teens are likely to sit in ill-society, ditch school or show aggressive public behavior in such a situation. It is not enough for parents to just see them every fortnight or so at their boarding school and offering them little incentives to perform well in studies. It is also the responsibility of parents to monitor their activities such as friends, everyday activities, habits, hobbies and such other activities remotely and take urgent action if they find anything wrong. It is actually the gap of communication which often plays a great role in developing negative traits in children. I always try to communicate actively especially on weekends. However, you always need a certain way to get children to talk to you. This weekend I am going to take limo service in San Francisco for picnic. This limo service in San Francisco will certainly get my children to talk to me freely on any matters and hence I will be able to solve them. If you want to melt the ice of communication between you and your children, take them on a picnic in an innovative way. For instance, take limo service in Bay Area and get them a tour of the city and talk to them nicely.
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